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ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems

ISO 37001 is the new international standard designed to help organi¬zations implement an anti-bribery man¬agement system. It specifies a series of measures your organization can implement to help pre¬vent, detect and address bribery.

The standard is designed to assist organizations in implementing and maintaining specific measures which assist them in preventing, detecting and addressing bribery across the organization and its business activities.

In a clear and presentable fashion, this comprehensive awareness training in the ISO 37001:2016 includes a review of provisions and requirements, implementation and procedures preparation for the compliance audit, do’s and don’ts during an audit and more. Hence, the “hands-on” program includes lectures, and a role-play to increase participant knowledge and learning.

Benefits of ISO 37001:

  • Competitive advantage over other organisations
  • Greater awareness on the output of bribery.
  • Enhanced aptitude for the prevention of corruption.
  • Expansion of business opportunities.
  • Continual improvement of services and products.